My latest book, titled  Becoming Partners In Love   is now available. It describes how you can create a lasting, healthy relationship, offering skillful ways to deal with issues and challenges most couples confront as their relationship evolves. It emphasizes becoming partners to explore the richest love experiences. Click here for excerpts and ordering information.

My current book projects are titled The Call of the Heart  and  Conscious Feeling. They are part of my larger series  Seeing Clear to the Heart  which summarizes much of what I have been teaching in classes, workshops, and retreats for the last 20 years. The Call of the Heart  is about the role of happiness in personal and spiritual growth.  Conscious Feeling identifies the wisdom underlying difficult emotions, and their essential causes, so that you can move skillfully to resolution. It also points to how to keep your heart open in the process, even using the challenges you face to further open yourself to love. Click here to read an excerpt from the general introduction to the series.


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