Seeing Relationship From A Growthful Perspective


     "The purpose of Becoming Partners In Love is to identify the heart of partnership, that, in a relationship will take you deepest into your hearts. Through provision of perspectives, skills, and exercises, it aims to help you expand your capacities and deepen your love experiences. Overall, this is done with the intent to foster the transformation of yourselves, and your relationship. It encourages a shift from the ordinary to extraordinary, as you fulfill a promise of love that calls inexorably from your heart's center.

     "Relationships are matters of the heart, whether they seem that way or not. In them there is always the opportunity of learning more about love, or about what blocks you from experiencing love. They can elicit growth and discovery, or become painful reflections of where you are stuck. How you experience them is up to you. If you bring an orientation to relationship based on experiencing the most it has to offer, that is probably what you will get. The ultimate that relationship can bring you is a fully open heart, and the unlimited experience of unconditional love. Love is bigger than anything you can imagine, and has everything in it that can make life fulfilling without end. That is where relationships can take you, and why they are so valuable."
 2000 Mark Shafer  

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