Exploring Love's Frontiers


     "When you have been graced with having a partner with whom to experience and explore love, and you have made your relationship a partnership in this endeavor, there is a natural extension that comes. At times you will be overflowing with love, your relationship will be overflowing with love, and there will be the desire to share this in valuable ways with others in the world. If you dedicate yourselves to be of service in some way to others, you may find this invites even more love into your own selves, relationship, and lives. One way of being of service is for the two of you to share with others how you approach your relationship. All too often people complain that they do not know anyone who has the kind of relationship they would want to be in. Let yourselves represent such a relationship, if for no other reason than to let people know it is possible. Share the fact that there are challenges and difficulties to work through, and that the way you approach them makes all the difference. Let them know how they too can make their relationships partnerships in love.

     "Other ways of being of service might involve sharing your time, material wealth, talents or labor on behalf of others in need. Do at least some of this together. Be aware that your relationship enables you to bring a more open heart to such service, and utilize the opportunity to serve from as heartfelt a place as possible. Let your relationship become a blessing to the world. Bestow love upon it, as you yourselves have been bestowed with greater love through your relationship."
 2000 Mark Shafer  

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