A Practical Conclusion


     "I hope to have inspired you to make your relationship an exploration of love's possibilities. Consciously creating a partnership together in such an endeavor is, I believe, one of the most noble activities of a lifetime. I believe that you will be rewarded commensurately, from the extraordinary capacities latent within your own hearts. Having made the effort to be inspirational throughout this text, I want to end on a practical note. If you cannot integrate your inspiration in the daily act of living, it too easily can become like a forgotten dream. I want more than that for you.

     "First, please do not overwhelm yourself with the attempt to master all of this material at once. Most of it is much easier said than done. Trust that what you really need is already present within you, and that anything that connects you more deeply to this may suffice to stand for the whole.

     "In many places there have been implications, encouragements, or outright recommendations for exercises or activities you can do with your partner. Here I would like to recount these more formally, for easier reference. Below is an exercise you can do with most of the areas that have been addressed. Following the outline for the exercise are listed all the topics that can be connected with doing the exercise. The other exercises given in the text are also listed. Included are the chapter numbers where the topics and/or exercises were introduced."
 2000 Mark Shafer  

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