Communication Do's


     "Good communication deepens closeness and facilitates love. Think of good communication as sharing the truth about yourselves with each other. The better the communication, the more this truth is revealed. Communication is a process that takes you to the heart of your being, individually and with other. That is why good communication opens the door to love and is so important in relationships.

     "There are some very specific skills you can learn and use to improve your communication. There are also things it helps to avoid. This chapter focuses on skills and processes to make your communications better. In the next chapter the focus is on what to steer clear of when possible. At the end of each chapter is a summary you can use as a tip sheet, to remind yourself quickly of communication do's and don'ts.

Tell the truth

     "If communication is ultimately about revealing the truth of yourselves to the other, then be clear that a commitment to telling the truth is of highest importance. Sharing who you are, and what you feel, think, and want will connect you with each other. It facilitates the jump to actual communion. It is quite common to have fear about revealing yourself. I like to suggest that you think of sharing yourself from your heart. Your heart has no judgment of anything you experience. It does not treat you unlovingly. Full of acceptance, it reveals your nature in a way that also says that though you are not perfect, you are still completely lovable."
 2000 Mark Shafer  

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