Great Sex


     "The heart of sex is the love from which we all are born, expressed as joy in physical form. The sex drive promotes attraction so strongly we will accept many difficult things to have sexual satisfaction. This is a good! To become intimate with another human being means facing the challenge of opening to their imperfections. With an inbuilt physical motivation like sex this task is easier, or at least it has rewards. In addition to the physical pleasure, the power of sexual orgasm is such that it naturally spills over into emotional and heartfelt experience. For many people, sexual orgasm is the first genuine approach to unconditional love. Making sex great only contributes more to this awakening."

     "When you consciously make sex about love, you invite the heart center to become involved and lift the experience to higher levels. Some of these may include going beyond the boundaries of ego, and merging into a new beingness at a nonphysical level. This beingness includes both of you and is more than their simple sum. Sex can become practice in letting go into this experience of oneness, such that it becomes possible to go there directly without necessarily going through the doorway of sex."

     "Sex is the time to take delight in your body, and in your lover's body. It is an opportunity to feel and express your passion for physical, sensual life, as well as for your partner. To enhance the experience, heighten your awareness of sensation and the senses. Concentrate your attention in the present moments of touch. The more attention you can muster, the greater your delight can be. One aspect of foreplay is that it allows you to gradually heighten your attention to sensations. It takes time to bring your attention away from the other facets of your life, your thoughts, stress, and other distractions. Let foreplay help to serve this purpose. Let it also be a time when you draw your attention to your heart, as well, remembering your love for your partner, who shares this moment of life's journey with you. Let your appreciations of their physical form be augmented by emotional gratitude and appreciation for their whole being. Let it be a release into celebrating the larger miracle that brought you to these moments together, with all your capacities for physically and emotionally enjoying it, and loving each other."
 2000 Mark Shafer  

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