Seeing Clear to the Heart


     "This document is one part of my series, Seeing Clear to the Heart. The purpose for the entire series is to help you see more clearly into the heart of life's experiences. Therefore it is related to truth. Since love is the flower of truth, this series also aims to help you find a deeper experience of love. Love is possible in even the greatest of challenges and difficulties.

     "While each part examines a different aspect of life or area of experience, the approach is always to point the way to your heart's center. This approach has certain elements that remain the same no matter what subject is being addressed. These elements can be appreciated as facets of the jewel that is the heart's experience itself. This experience has a number of core features that are important.

     "Seeing clear to the heart means that you have found a perspective without fear, from which to look upon your circumstance. The heart has no fear in it, except in the older meaning for that word: respect. It has unlimited respect, for yourself, for others, for life, for the Source of life. When you can see without fear you make wiser choices, for yourself and others. You do this because you discern more accurately the conditions you face, and because you assess them in a way that seeks only an enhancement of life. Without fear, you move naturally toward the fulfilling of qualities that are always latent within you and within life. Unimpeded by fear, these qualities are constantly in the process of revealing and actualizing themselves. You are one of life's qualities."
 2000 Mark Shafer  

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