Becoming Partners In Love  describes how you can create a lasting, healthy relationship. CLICK HERE to read excerpts. It offers successful ways to deal with issues and challenges most couples confront as their relationship evolves. It emphasizes becoming partners to explore the richest love experiences. In it, relationship expert Mark Shafer addresses such areas as:

--   stages of relationship and their unique challenges;
--   creating a vision together;
--   ending conflicts through win-win agreements;
--   communication do's and don'ts;
--   making sex increasingly better;
--   resolving problem patterns;
--   balancing independence, intimacy, and commitment;
--   forgiveness and trust;
--   being co-creative not co-dependent;
--   healing your individual issues;
--   mutual support and self-esteem; and
--   growing into unconditional love.

Make your relationship the most it can be! Learn how you can join together to feel the adventure and power of two. With a partnership approach, this guide will help you take your relationship to its highest potentials.

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