Better 1999 Than 2000!




A metaphor for change I often use is the arctic ocean. In the winter it is frozen into a solid ice sheet. In the summer it melts some and breaks into floes and bergs. These move around all summer and refreeze together in the fall. Obviously they don't wind up in the same place they were the previous winter. Now imagine being in the arctic summer and having the crazy notion to see all the green-ice icebergs more to the north and the blue-ice icebergs more to the south. And so you get a big boat and push every "green" you come across northward, and every "blue" south. That winter the ice might actually look a little greener toward the pole and bluer further from it. What if you'd had this same notion in the winter and wanted to enact it then? You'd have to find a green-ice patch, carve it out of the ice sheet, haul this piece north to an equivalent size blue-ice plug, carve it out and swap the plugs. How much more laborious than making such changes in the summer!

Let me suggest that 1999 will be a year of volatility and change, like the arctic ocean in the summer, and that 2000 will be a year of restabilizing, like the arctic ocean refreezing in the fall. And that as with icebergs in the arctic, so what will most determine how things are in the year 2000 will be what happens in 1999! If this is so, what is crucial is having an ideal to guide your actions during the year--like "greens north, blues south" in the arctic ocean metaphor. Otherwise, how things stabilize for you in 2000 may only be randomly determined--or determined by unconscious, old patterns that guide your experience in the absence of consciously held intents. You can always wait til 2000 to put your visions into effect, but I'm suggesting that the difficulty in manifesting them will be tantamount to making the arctic ocean ice changes in the winter rather than the summer, compared to 1999.

The potent time is this year. A familiar parallel may be the "effects" associated with the full moon. The most powerful time, according to many, is the nascent full moon, the time just before and during the first 12 hours of the actual full moon (which lasts approximately 40 hours). Likewise, the time just before 2000 may be more powerful than 2000 itself.

The tricky part is that you may not see results until next year or later. Remember that in the arctic, it is not until the full refreezing that it becomes apparent what the new stabilized locations of green and blue ice will be. So in acting now you may have to do so without the reassurance of observed results from your efforts. Keep faith!

Give yourself permission to change this year--you will be assisted by all the destabilizing cultural forces that will prevail. Establish your vision of how you want to be in 2000 and take steps toward it every day, no matter how small. Release old habits and patterns to make room for something new. Follow impulses to explore new things. Make the most of opportunities to grow toward a better you.
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