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For two decades the primary focus of my offerings has been transformation. Whether this was transforming a problem into a resolution, or transforming one's identity from ego to soul, the emphasis has been finding a deeper level of being from which to experience life.

Transformation will become a core feature of life in 1998 and 1999. We are in a stage of rapid and volatile change preceding the psychological setting of a new era. The choices you make during the next two years will become more solidified once 2000 comes. There are two keys to taking advantage of this time to which I want to call your attention.

The first is developing and maintaining the ability to be centered, at peace within yourself in the midst of extraordinary change externally. The forces and influences that you will be presented with in the next two years will likely be MORE intense than they have been. There will be fewer external anchors upon which to rely. You must find the core of your own being and develop ways to support returning there regularly. It must become a priority to be self aware and keep from being pulled too far outside yourself. As difficult as this may be, the rewards are commensurate, for they herald a breakthrough to a deeper Self than you' may have yet experienced.

Once centered, the other key is that you must focus specifically on nurturing your spiritual life. Ultimately this is the source from which the healing you've been seeking comes. You must choose to make room in your life for spirituality, in whatever form suits you, and probably at a time when it may seem less convenient than ever. Those who make this choice, who make time for spiritual practices, community with others, and for spiritual perspectives on their psychological situations are now very likely to discover a greater spiritual being underlying their life than they have felt before. To awaken to this is the essence of transformation, of finding the Heart of hearts. Don't hesitate any longer; begin now!
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