Two Great Mysteries




The first mystery is not widely recognized, although we all experience it. It occurs during sleep and dreaming. It is our amazing capacity to experience change of the most dramatic sort with complete peace. Think of it--in your dreams, sometimes the entire scene, drama, and characters completely shift and you are not disturbed in the least. Imagine what your reaction would be were this to occur in everyday life! Where does this extraordinary ability for peace during change come from?

For me, the important realization is that I have this capacity already. No matter what life brings, if I can access this inherent ability, I can remain peaceful inside and thus deal with things with all my skills intact. Like when plans are disrupted, expectations unmet, or etc. This capacity for peace is part of myself as an experiencer--part of what is aware of my various experiences. How did it get there? It's part of the mystery of being alive. You have it too. A very helpful mystery in the face of change.

The other mystery, one you already know about, is love. The more you feel it, are aware of it, and expand into it, the larger, more creative and magnificent it becomes. There is no boundary within it, only those we make to feel separate from it--boundaries like anger, bitterness, blame, or guilt--that seem to exclude the possibility of love. It is a mystery how things and people are transformed in and by love. It is a mystery to our defining intellect, our self-distinguishing ego for something to be without boundary. It means you can never own it, encompass it, and that it has the possibility to be everywhere, available all the time, and capable of generating interest without ever becoming dull.

These two great mysteries, our capacities for peace amidst change, and for the experience of limitless love, are ones we'll never figure out. Much of my teaching and workshop/retreat work focuses on how to deepen your experience of them, while sharing with each other what we find along the way. Love a good mystery? Come join others who do too.
© 1995
 Mark Shafer  


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