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Spring has sprung. As Nature undergoes its renewal, it is timely for you and I to do so as well. There are several basic options.

You can ignore the whole thing. You will still change and grow, but like the garden planted and never tended, the results are haphazard and produce little valuable yield. If you remain caught up in your life catching up on an endless stream of tasks and demands, this is the option you will probably default to. And your renewal is likely to be the creation of yet another cycle of busyness. How many times have you cycled through this pattern? Please consider that you are at a jumping off point right now, which means that if you choose differently, the pattern may never repeat.

Another option is to enjoy the spring, by getting out in it, paying attention to it, and celebrating its many beauties and wonders. This can be tremendously inspiring and invigorating, and can stimulate great feelings of energy which renew your experience of aliveness. The resulting enthusiasm can be directed several ways. The stimulation of your senses after the deadness of winter makes reveling in the sensuality of life a special delight. If you are prone to pleasure-seeking, you may be tempted to make your renewal one of overindulgence in comfort and recommitment to sensory gratification to make you happy. This strengthens your addictiveness and eventually increases your misery and feeling of isolation from life. The other option is to channel your enthusiasm into creative expression, giving form to the urges and whims of the moment that arise spontaneously. The risk is that this can result in a series of brief projects that don't connect well into any cohesive whole, so that in effect no new self emerges--and no significant difference in life. How many times have you become lost in short term goals only to find that they didn't contribute much to meaningful long term objectives?

The third option is to utilize this spring to birth a valuable new version of your self or your life. To do this means thinking of the basic aspects of life and creating a vision of how you wish things to be. Then it means making a commitment to taking concrete steps toward that vision, with the intent to ultimately make it a reality. You can utilize the re-energization of the season to provide extended motivational support, so that you actually do make significant progress toward longer term goals. What follows are some suggestions to get you thinking.

Consider your health and the long term consequences of your diet/exercise regimen, and the degree to which you utilize relaxation/stress management practices. Make one healthy change this spring and sustain it, and it may stick with you for life and bestow unending benefits. Personally, I would recommend adding colloidal minerals to your dietary supplements or beginning regular meditation, or both.

Consider your relationships. Make a commitment to deepening your capacity for intimacy, communication, and handling the personal hang-ups that constantly come up in relationships. If you are in an intimate relationship decide together to take your relationship to a new depth: take a workshop on deepening your relationship or buy a book with exercises and do them all.

Consider your personal growth. Take workshops, read books, and decide to handle the blocks that keep you from knowing your self. Or choose to develop a new skill for connecting to your inner being, and make regular explorations of your inner domains. You may even want to extend this into a deeper commitment to your spiritual life, and activities or associations that regularly support it.

This spring is the beginning of the rest of your life. The opportunity is at hand to birth a valuable new version of your self. To guide this it is important you decide how you want it to be, then take action to move in that direction. Your choices have enormous impact. Be wise. Be renewed as you would have yourself be!
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 Mark Shafer  


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