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The telephone rings. An obviously young child answers, speaking in a pronounced whisper. "Hello."

"Hi, could I speak to the man of the house?" Child whispers, "No."

"Why not?" Child whispers again. "He's busy."

The caller asks, "Is your mother there?" Child, whispering, "Yes." Man goes on, "Would you give the phone to her?" Child continues to whisper. "No." Man asks, "Why not?" Child whispers, "She's busy."

A little exasperated, the caller inquires, "Are there any other adults there?" The child whispers, "Yes." Caller asks "Who are they?" Still whispering, the child responds, "A fireman and a policeman."

Now very interested, the caller exclaims "A fireman and a policeman! My God, put one of them on." The child whispers, "I can't." The man asks "Why not?" Whispering, the child says, "They're busy." Now sincerely concerned, the caller asks, "What's going on there? What's everybody doing?!" The child whispers, "They're looking for me!"

This is one my favorite jokes. When I tell it I feel lighthearted and positive about life. That is one of the very great values of humor. How is your sense of humor? It may be vital to your health; some have even claimed to be cured of cancer by stimulating their sense of humor!

In The Laughter Prescription, Lawrence Peter recommends 5 things you can do to maintain your sense of humor. 1) Permit outrageous thoughts. Let yourself think of funny things! 2) Laugh at the incongruities and bloopers in life. There are TV shows based on this if you need a nudge. Remember to see the humorous side of life.

3) Take your responsibilities seriously, but not yourself so seriously. Learn to chuckle at your own bloopers! 4) Make others laugh. Their humor will be contagious, and can induct you more deeply into your own. Learn a few good jokes, practice telling them, and then do it! People who keep us lighthearted are invaluable in the world.

5) Remember that it's more important to have fun than be funny. Are you getting enough fun in life? Enough play, where you can release yourself? If not, build it in: play with your children, pets, friends, and/or lover. Be goofy sometimes, let down your decorum. You'll learn to love it, I'll bet. Of course you won't do it in exactly the same way that anyone else does, that's part of the beauty. Your sense of humor is one of the best stress relievers there is--let me heartily encourage you to remember to use it!
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