What Are You Waiting For?



Maybe what you are waiting for is already here. Ask yourself this: is what you really want a feeling of happiness, pleasure, joy; or is it the person, place, or thing you associate with that feeling? Because if the same feeling were not associated, would that person, place, or thing still be desirable? Perhaps what you are waiting for--wanting--is the feeling of happiness. Where is it felt? Always inside you. And in what time? Always the present. Even pleasant memories are enjoyable because in the moment of their remembrance, there arises another happy feeling.

Please consider that what you await is only available within you, and in this present moment. Your energy has no power over the past and future. Your only power is in the moment. Our task then becomes how to unblock the way to the here and now. That is one way to characterize what my offerings are all about. As the saying goes: you must be present to win. I would love to help you win.
© 1999
 Mark Shafer  


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