Reconnect with your soul! Explore and indulge your capacities for inward journeys of mind, such as only a retreat from daily life can provide! Rest, rejuvenate, and learn ways to meditate, and go more deeply in your meditations. Find your Self. Walk the labyrinth. Restore your inner peace, and a feeling of heartfelt connection with others and life. Group and individual meditations will support a return of balance, and access to your deeper potentials. Enjoy good food, and time for deep relaxation. Led by Mark, let music and inward journeys inspire you, and help you discover what lies next on your path. Give yourself soul time!

Cedarbrake Renewal Center
is the site for our residential retreat. Cedarbrake is one hour's drive north of Austin, outside Belton. It has been the location for spiritual and personal growth retreats for many years, and is well known for its inspiring peaceful and spiritual ambience.


The Labyrinth
Just outside the building where we stay is a magnificent labyrinth. Its walking paths will take you on a meditative journey to its center, where you may meditate, seek guidance, or contemplate to your heart's content. During the retreat you will receive further background on utilizing the labyrinth for inner journeys, and will have all the time you need to experience this time honored, self-exploration process.


CALL 442-9677

Space is limited! Retreat begins with dinner Friday, ends Sunday at 5:00 pm. Total cost, includes sessions, meals, and single occupancy private room: $279.


Don't miss the Telescope!
The conclusion of evening sessions will be viewing celestial objects in the nighttime sky--weather permitting, through a very powerful, premium-optics telescope. We live in a very inspiring universe--see it for yourself!

Click for a look through the telescope
click on picture!




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